Last night, Ruby®‘s virtual receptionist team came together for our final staff meeting in 2011. In addition to eating Hot Lips pizza, Creating Community, and chatting with coworkers, we had a special treat! Monica Wofford, Master Trainer and CEO of Contagious Companies, Inc., came to speak to our team about confidence. Her accolades are tremendous: Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), Certified CORE MAP® Coach, college professor, author, a degree in Speech Communication, an MBA, President of the Central Florida National Speakers Association, just to name a few.

We have enjoyed working with Monica and getting to know her over the years, and we had a blast meeting her in person and hearing her speak. Answering phones for public speakers, attorneys, plumbers, and more, means that our virtual receptionists speak with a wide variety of people every day. We’re known for connecting with our callers and clients, so it was fun to get a refresher on what a difference confidence can make and learn even more strategies for building relationships.

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to Monica for coming out and inspiring our team! We’re energized and looking forward to spreading your “contagious” cheer!

Check out Contagious Companies and Monica’s book Contagious Leadership (which Ruby’s book club is reading next!) to learn more!