Ruby Receptionists WOW Story
Little Macaulay!

If you’ve ever rescued a pet, you know there’s a special bond that comes with it. Last year, Monica, a virtual receptionist at Ruby, received a request from a client asking us to call his vet to make an appointment for an abandoned kitten he had found living beneath his barn. The kitten’s name? Macaulay, after Macaulay Caulkin’s iconic holiday movie role.

This struck a chord with Monica; she’s the proud parent of two cats, Tikka and Squirt. She replied:

I hope your day is going well so far! I was able to schedule the 6pm appointment this evening for the newest addition to your family, Macaulay.

I must add, this heartbreakingly adorable email has made my morning! The story of how Macaulay came to be, the genius play on Home Alone, and the attached picture is just too much for a kitten lovin’ girl to handle! Your dedication to your animals is inspiring. You deserve a break today, here is a little something we hope helps. This assist is on the house! You were not charged for this call. Have a fantastic day!


Monica D.

She didn’t have to ask her manager for permission to waive the assist fee; she felt a connection, and based on our Core Values of Create Community and Practice WOWism, she knew it was the right thing to do. She then shared the photo and the story with the rest of the team.

A few weeks later, Tasia, another receptionist, remembered the story, and sent little Macaulay a few treats and toys, prompting this email:

Thank you SOO much for Macaulay’s care package!! With everything that had been going on lately, that was a very pleasant surprise. He and the other kids are really enjoying the toys and the treats.

Macaulay is adjusting very well, and has put a couple of pounds now that he is eating regularly. And, for a feral cat, he has become surprising cuddly. The others are adjusting to him pretty well, and the treats are helping with that!

Again, thank you so much for the very sweet gift and card!

He was definitely WOWed, and the first connection with Monica sparked the connection with Tasia (who, coincidentally, volunteers at a cat rescue here in Portland)!

You may wonder why we’re sharing this story a full year later. Well, this is actually our first ever WOW story! We had certainly WOWed clients in the past, but we didn’t have a system in place for sending gifts to our clients for special occasions. Thanks to Monica, who is now our Rubyinator, training our new virtual receptionists, and Tasia, who is a few months shy of her fifth anniversary at Ruby, we’ve made it easier to WOW and connect with our clients!