WOWism at Ruby Receptionists
Ruby’s Client Happiness Department

Most of my life, rising early on Monday mornings has been difficult. The bed is always warm, and my pillow practically begs me to sleep in. I’ve asked myself, “How bad would it be for me to pretend to be sick?” and inevitably, I’ve headed to work…. Lucky for me, working at Ruby has transformed my Mondays from woeful to joyful!

There’s nothing quite like working at Ruby, and that especially rings true the Monday after a Ruby celebration. After donning my cutest dress and spending quality time with some of the world’s greatest folks, I’m rejuvenated to head to the office and give the day my all.

After Ruby’s most recent party, I felt appreciated and inspired to make my fellow employees proud. I aimed to be even chattier with our clients than usual, and strived to make more solid connections. All of that effort paid off when I found out a new client lives in my hometown — down the street from where I grew up! — and was able to share stories of people we both know. She and I were both delighted, and so was my team!

Here are some ways we give our Rubys the red-carpet treatment:

  • Positive environment. When you’re a Ruby and walk into work, it’s kind of like entering one giant hug. We share compliments from callers, clients, and even each other on a daily basis. Employees even have access to event planning materials to plan fun activities for the office.
  • Company parties. Ruby knows how to throw a party – just ask our employees! While most companies host a holiday party at the end of the year, Ruby hosts two. We celebrate our successes as a company in the summer and during the holiday season, taking time to dance and get to know each other better. Celebrating all our accomplishments helps us tackle each new year with gusto and gives us an extra boost when summertime hits.
Ways to Achieve Employee Engagement
Me (in red) and a fellow happy Ruby at the 10th anniversary celebration
  • Incentive campaigns. Rewarding our employees through quarterly incentive campaigns allows for growth and innovation as a company. We focus our campaigns around our Core Values: Foster Happiness, Create Community, Innovate, Practice WOWism, and Grow. Each creative campaign encourages the Ruby staff to go above and beyond their roles, all while having fun and earning recognition for their hard work.

At Ruby, we believe that happy employees are the key to a successful business. Why? Employees are the bolts and screws of a company, and their happiness can play a big role in their job performance. Happy employees do better work, spread more cheer around the office, and are more likely to perform exceptionally in their roles. As I’ve seen first-hand, while Ruby always aims to foster happiness in our clients, we also find ways to bring this same joy to everyone that works here.