The Value of Kindness with Customers

“Be kind, remember everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” – T.H. Thompson

A few weeks ago, over guacamole and drinks with friends, I received a call from an unknown number on my cell. It was after work, but thinking it may be an urgent vendor matter, I excused myself to take the call…

“Hi, this is John calling about the cameras from Craigslist.”

Earlier that week I had made several calls in search of vintage cameras to use as props at a Ruby event. (Not an easy item to find!) At one point on my thrifty adventures I’d even responded to a few Craigslist ads, hoping to score a bargain deal. I had since found a few, so I let John know, thanking him for his time. Nevertheless, the gentleman pressed on…

“I understand, but that’s not the reason I really called….” I had a sinking feeling, but what he said next surprised me. “You know how sometimes you’re having a really horrible day, one where maybe you don’t even want to go on? When I dialed your office I spoke to the kindest and most professional receptionist I have ever reached. She needs a raise. Your receptionist should be training personnel on professionalism. Calling your office was the most exemplary experience I have ever had over the phone. I just called to thank you for turning my day around.”

Wow! It doesn’t take much to make someone’s day a little bit brighter. Now, I also know a secret; John actually called twice and spoke with two different receptionists. They were both so delightfully kind and helpful that he had no idea they were separate people! And until we reached the end of the conversation, he had no idea that we were a virtual receptionist company. But that’s what we do here at Ruby; we make people’s days brighter one call at a time. After all, you never know what impact your small act of human kindness will have. You may win over a new client, you may simply make someone smile, or you could even save a life.