The Power of Kindness
Photo via Flickr user Chrissy Polcino

How powerful is kindness? Can it change your life? Your business? Can it save a life?


We recently came across a story that exemplifies how much of an impact kindness can have. And we’re not talking over-the-top, “You get a car!” moments. Small acts of kindness — asking how someone’s day is going, sharing a laugh, offering to help, buying a stranger’s coffee, smiling at someone on the street — these can completely turn one’s day around. I encourage you to read the full inspiring story, but here is a short synopsis:

David Wagner was a hair stylist and one of his regulars dropped by the salon for a blowout. It wasn’t her normal appointment, so he was curious. “I don’t have anything special going on,” she said. “I just want to look and feel good tonight.”

During the brief appointment, he happily chatted with her, and she was beaming by the time she left.

A few days later, he received a card in the mail. It was from his client, telling him that she did have plans that day: She was getting her hair styled for her own funeral.

The care and warmth that David showed moved her to get help for her depression, and she thanked him for being there without knowing that he was.

His story left me with a tear in my eye; you just never know what another person is going through in their life. It may not be as drastic as this story; in fact, it may be as small as soothing a frustrated caller, but incorporating kindness into your business and your life can leave a positive impression with customers and truly make a difference.

Fostering happiness is worth it.

Photo via Flickr user Chrissy Polcino