Happiness Concierge Team
The Ruby Happiness Concierge Team (From bottom left: April, Lisa, Jessie, Crystal, and Patti)

As Ruby continues to grow, the need for a dedicated team to handle client correspondence has grown too. That’s why Ruby is pleased to introduce the newest addition to our Client Happiness department—the Happiness Concierge team!

The Happiness Concierge team is committed to keeping our clients’ days running smoothly. Our Concierges are the first touchpoint for email communication between Ruby and our current clients. Any time an email is sent to staff@callruby.com, this group of Rubys is at the frontline to ensure everything we receive is handled by the right person—all while fostering connections with our clients! Happiness Concierges are here to help you in a number of ways, including:

Assists. If you would like Ruby to make outbound calls on your behalf, we are happy to do so! Perhaps you’d like us to confirm an appointment or gather extra information for you. The Happiness Concierges are on the job! They will make that call for you within an hour and send a follow-up email summarizing the conversation.

Status Updates. With our status feature, you can send Ruby updates to relay where you are, or a set of temporary instructions you’d like our receptionists to follow for the day. Aside from our handy Member Services site, iPhone, and Android apps, you’re also welcome to email us at staff@callruby.com. Our Concierges are there to make sure your instructions are updated quickly and accurately. They also make sure to carefully review any special requests submitted via our Member Services site and apps.

Triage. Happiness Concierges are experts when it comes to the ins and outs of Ruby. Our Concierges triage more than 900 emails day! Whether they are handling a status update or directing a client email to a different department, they make certain client correspondence is handled by the right folks.

Patti Crume, Happiness Concierge Cultivator, sums up the motivations for our Happiness Concierge team perfectly:

“We love to hear from our clients, and especially enjoy seeing repeat clients use our features. It allows us to make connections every time we help!”

Are you a current client of Ruby? Send your assist requests, whereabout updates, and general questions to our Client Happiness department at staff@callruby.com. Our Concierges look forward to making your day!