Good news for all of our Droid devotee clients: You can now download Ruby’s free Android app on Google Play!

This free app joins our convenient, free iPhone app and mobile-friendly Member Services Area to allow you can make the most of our live virtual receptionist service.

Free Ruby Android App

With a few quick swipes in the Ruby Android app, you can:

Let us know your availability. By updating your Whereabouts updates, you can quickly and easily modify the way our virtual receptionists handle your calls. It’s perfect for anything you might’ve tapped an in-house employee on the shoulder to tell them (“Out to lunch,” “In a meeting,” etc.).

Review your call history. Just talked to a prospect but can’t remember their name? The Android app could jog your memory! Pull up the Activity tab, set your Timeframe for around the time you may have talked to them, select Calls, and you’ll be able to see what calls were connected!

View your messages. As with your call history, you can also filter your messages by Company (if you have Ruby answer for more than one of your companies) and Timeframe. Every phone number and email address is automatically a hotlink, so you can return calls straight from the app!

Save contact infoBy clicking on the “Save to Contacts” button at the bottom of each call or message, info such as name, phone number, and email address will immediately import into your Droid’s address book!

See your Assists. If you’re optimizing your time by having our virtual receptionists return calls for you, you can reference the Assist option under the Activity tab. There you can view a brief description of any assists you’ve requested!

And more! Update your credit card info and view your invoices, receive push notifications showing recent activity, and contact Ruby all in one place.

Download the free Ruby Android app here on Google Play!