Do you follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn? If you do, you might have noticed a series of photos we’ve been posting over the last few months—a Ruby headshot and a few items from their desk.

We’ve been calling this photo series Ruby Cubes, and it’s our attempt to expand on our 2017 theme, “In Our Customer’s Shoes.” We don’t just want to get to know our customers—we want our customers to get to know us, too!

Each member of the Ruby team works together toward the common goal of providing customers and callers with wow-worthy experiences. And with a people-powered culture, every team member plays a powerful role.

Take a look:

Anna T., Office Ambassador
Clayton H., Receptionist
Venis F., Cultivator Apprentice and genius behind the Ruby Cookbook
Fallon A., Receptionist

Interested in learning more about our fabulous team of Rubys? We’re adding to the Ruby Cubes series once a week. Don’t forget to stop by and check them out!

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