As a Grasshopper customer, you already understand the value cloud-based systems bring to your business. Ruby takes this one step further, by restoring the art of human interaction into your current call routing process. Adding Ruby to your Grasshopper service can set you apart from your competition with exceptional customer experiences, taking your business to the next level.

67% of customers reported hanging up in frustration when they could not reach a real person. Combining Grasshopper and Ruby ensures each call is answered live by a friendly and professional receptionist. Ruby serves as your customer experience team, making callers feel special and giving them the extra incentive to send you their business, instead of to a competitor.

benefits GH

  • We greet each caller warmly with a greeting customized for your business.
  • We screen, announce and transfer callers based on your instructions.
  • Our receptionists answer basic questions about your business, so you can focus on addressing their specific needs.
  • We handle lost or confused callers with care, directing them to the appropriate contact.


3 Ways Ruby Connects:

  1. Transfer: Receive your calls on any phone, anywhere. Our app lets you update your status on the fly!
  2. Voicemail: All voicemails handled through Ruby will also be sent to you via email as a .wav file, so you’re in the know, no matter where you go.
  3. Take a Message: We send the details via email, text message, or both!

Here at Ruby, we see ourselves as a member of your team—all working together to provide exceptional service to your callers. Let us help you take your Grasshopper service to the next level with personalized attention paid to each caller.

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