Welcome new clients

People do business with people they like, and fostering relationships with clients builds loyalty, happiness, and a successful business. One way to implement this idea is through an easy and fun signup process. For many businesses, signing up is as easy as 1-2-3. Just head online to that company’s website, fill out some information, and there you have it: Instant gratification. While this may be quick, it leaves no room for true connection — or a deeper understanding of your clients’ needs.

Here are a few ways Ruby’s signup process is built for making connections:

  • The human voice. At Ruby, clients are welcome to signup online by filling out an easy form, too. It usually takes 5-10 minutes, but it doesn’t stop there. A Service Kickstarter and Happiness Builder (like me) will supplement that info with a brief phone call. A quick call is the perfect way to get to know your client. When they need help further down the line, they’ll remember how warm and friendly the setup associate was, and won’t hesitate to reach out.
  • Answering questions. Kickstarters always begin their phone call by asking if a client has any questions. Listening to what’s foremost on your client’s mind makes them feel cared for and important. Your client may have hazarded a guess on parts of the online form, and without this conversation, you might not have ever known. It will also help you identify where that client needs the most guidance and reassurance, allowing your help to be much more effective.
  • Listening for cues. Does a client mention an anecdote from their personal life? Do they make a casual comment about where they are and what they are doing? These are great instances for opening conversation on a deeper level. Sharing common experiences and interests illustrates that you’re a real person too — just like them!
  • Follow-up emails. After the phone call, Kickstarters always send an email with any information the client might need to get started. A follow-up email also allows you to share your contact information, inviting your client to reach out whenever they have a question.

How do you make meaningful connections with your customers? Feel welcome to share your tips on Twitter @callruby!