Photo by Windell Oskay
Photo by Windell Oskay

Email templates are a great way to strengthen rapport and WOW prospects with your speedy and consistent follow-up. However, there’s a fine balance; if they are too generic, templates can seem impersonal and ruin the relationship-building you’ve done so far.

First, save email templates with information that you find yourself typing frequently.

Do you often send potential clients (or current clients) similar summaries of features or products? Instead of typing it out from scratch each time, fine-tune it once and save a template. (Or, for short phrases, try adding a handy ShortKey instead!)

Tailor your template to each person based on your conversation.

Did you just speak with them on the phone two minutes ago? An email template starting out with “Hope you are doing well!” will make it seem like you weren’t paying attention. Simply modifying it to “It was great speaking with you!” is an easy way to personalize your email. No email is one-size-fits-all, so add additional info that they may need or take out superfluous topics as needed. Be sure to also reiterate scheduled follow-ups or time-sensitive subjects at the end of your email; “I look forward to speaking with you next Friday!” or “Have a fantastic vacation in Figi!” adds a thoughtful touch.

Go over your grammar with a fine-tooth comb.

You’ll probably be using these templates frequently, and nothing feels worse than finding a grammatical error weeks later, knowing you’ve sent it to dozens of people. Egg + face = you. Spotless grammar will make your speedy reply even more impressive!

When you use email templates as a jumping off point, your prospect will be stunned by how quickly you were able to write such an eloquent response!