As the virtual receptionist team at Ruby® knows, every call is unique, and so is every message. Our phone answering mavens are adept at taking quality messages, and we’d love to let you in on a few of our secrets! Whether you’re jotting a two-word note or typing a novella-length missive, here are three ways to make sure every message you take is magnificent:

Confirm contact information.  Before wrapping things up, verify telephone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses by reading them back to your caller. Lots of letters sound alike and can be difficult to discern over the phone, so a spelling alphabet may come in handy for double-checking email addresses, street names, city names, and tricky words.

When in doubt, restate! If a caller has a lot to relay, or if you’re just not sure you caught all the important details, don’t fret — just take a moment to paraphrase your message back to the caller. Your attention to detail will be appreciated by callers and coworkers alike! Here’s how our skilled live virtual receptionists might do it: “Great! To confirm, you’d like to move the November 10th meeting from noon to 2:00, and you’d like to meet at your office. Is there anything else you’d like me to relay?”

Go easy on your callers. When a caller says “She has my phone number,” it’s probably true. If a caller declines to give a key piece of information, asking nicely a second time may do the job (“Would you mind if I take down your number, so she has it handy when she gets this message?“), but don’t press further than that. Instead, politely move on (“Certainly! Thank you!“), and when composing your message, note that you attempted to gather the info (Sally said you have her telephone number).

Got any message-taking tips to share? Leave a comment below!