CEO Jill Nelson in Ruby's WOW conference room
CEO Jill Nelson in Ruby’s WOW conference room, named after our Core Value of Practicing WOWism

Your office and conference room(s) can say a lot about your business without you ever uttering a word. When you host meetings in your office, what does your conference room say about your company? Does it show your prospective clients that you’ll be an easy company to do business with? Does it express to your current clients that you care about them?

Set a precedent of exceptional customer service, starting with your conference room; think about everything your visitors might need from the moment they walk in – and then offer it to them before they even ask.

Try these four small ways to anticipate your guests’ needs. They’re sure to pack a big WOW factor!

  • Public wifi — that’s easy to access. It’s a fantastic start to set up public wireless, but you know your guest’s first question will be, “What’s the password?” Why not take it one step further, and clearly post login information to make it fast and easy for guests to get online. We post our login info in a free-standing picture frame; being helpful can be adorable, too!
  • Notepad and pens at the ready. It happens to all of us at one time or another: you arrive at your meeting and realize you forgot your pen. Keep a stack of notepads and pens close by so folks can grab what they need. As a bonus, if your paper and pens are branded, your guests can keep them as a word-of-mouth promoting souvenir!
  • A projector adapter for Macs. It’s no secret Apple users fanatically love their Macs, and you can woo your Apple-using guests simply by having an adapter for your projector on-hand. It can be a little tricky to transition back and forth between PCs and Macs: keyboard shortcuts are slightly off, not to mention the hassle of moving your files over to a guest PC. An adapter is an easy way to anticipate their needs and recognize their brand loyalty at the same time.
  • Treats! Have a cold pitcher of water, a carafe of fresh coffee, and a few glasses waiting in the conference room for your guests. For longer meetings, some fresh fruit and/or pastries can add another touch of thoughtfulness. It shows you’ve prepared for your meeting, and if your visitor declines the treat part of Greet, Seat, and Treat and later reconsiders, they don’t have to ask!

For more details, check out our recent update and three more easy-to-implement conference room ideas!

These simple steps can WOW your clients and make a great first impression for your company!