Create Community” and “Innovate” are two of our unique Core Values here at Ruby®, and it’s through cutting-edge technology and caring, happy people that we’re able to provide the highly personalized virtual receptionist service we’re known for.

Here are just five ways we put these two Core Values to work so that we can connect with our clients and make their days a bit brighter:

  • Our “About” field. We have a special area in our custom-designed software where virtual receptionists can add notes so that they can get to know our clients better. In fact, in our new “Ruby WOW Story of the Month” feature, we shared an inspiring story of how virtual receptionist Whitney L. used this field to make a particuarly memorable connection with one of our clients!
  • Frequent/familiar callers. Our one-of-a-kind software can recognize Caller ID numbers that are programmed into the system. That way our virtual receptionists can see at a glance whether the caller is a client or client’s family member and greet them with an extra warm hello!
  • Time zones. Our software shows the local time in each client’s account. An enthusiastic, “Good afternoon, John!” when introducing a call to an east coast client (even when it’s 9:00am in Oregon) can be a thoughtful way to start things off. It’s also a wonderful way for our remote receptionists to sound like part of the team when chatting with callers!
  • Microsoft Sharepoint. We’ve shared in the past how we use Sharepoint to Create Community among the Ruby staff, but we also use Sharepoint “Quizees” to get to know our clients and their businesses better. A Ruby “Problem Solver & Happiness Maker” (aka a member of our innovative Client Services team) may create a Quizee asking receptionists situational questions about call handling and general questions about what the company does so that they can WOW our clients.
  • Whereabouts updates. Ruby clients are welcome to keep us in the loop as to their status at any time with a quick whereabouts update. They can do this via email, our iPhone app, or our mobile-friendly Member Services Area. Whichever method they choose, they will always receive a personalized confirmation from one of our live virtual receptionists — never an automated response. An update that they’re leaving for vacation might spur the responding receptionist to add a personal note to the end of her confirmation: “That sounds wonderful, John! We’ve noted that you’ll be out of the office March 15-30th and will let callers know. We wish you a relaxing time in Hawaii — don’t forget the sunscreen!”

We’ll keep on adding new features to our software and tweaking our service so that our receptionists can make the most out of every interaction — anything we can do to put a smile on a client’s face is worth it!