We’ve come a long way from being tethered to a desk by a landline and bulky typewriter. We now have mobile phones and laptops that allow us to get work done wherever we happen to be, wherever inspiration strikes. There’s also a newfound freedom to work with whomever you’d like, regardless of location. With today’s software – email, videoconferencing platforms, sophisticated phone systems – it’s easier than ever to run a virtual office.

However, it is more important than ever to project a unified, professional image for clients. Customers want to be assured that you have a cohesive team and are able to get the job done. Ruby understands. Our virtual receptionists answer phones for many virtual offices and remote employees, and we’ve seen them thrive. Here are three ways Ruby helps:

  • One number to rule them all. Terrible Lord of the Rings puns aside, one central phone number makes a business look established. With only direct dials or cell phone numbers to give to clients, your operation may seem piecemeal. Ruby will help you get your phones in order (we’ll even provide a toll-free number), and our cheerful team of live virtual receptionists can transfer calls to you whenever and wherever you like.
  • Ruby makes you look bigger and more professional. Your callers will think we work in your office – even if you don’t have one! You get all the perks of a top-notch receptionist, without paying the salary and benefits. We even use advanced technology that is so seamless, no one will know the difference — unless, of course, you tell your callers you work remotely!
  • Take advantage of your freedom! As Attorney William Ferreira of Automotive Defense Specialists told us, “I take road trips and vacations…. It’s awesome. With a laptop, an iPhone, and a few files, it’s a mobile practice – I love it!” No more waiting by the phone, hoping you don’t miss your next big client’s phone call; Ruby’s got your back! We’re here for you, so you can be wherever you’d like!

In the spirit of freedom, if you could travel wherever you’d like without worrying about your business, where would you go? Let us know @callruby on Twitter!