How Having a Virtual Receptionist Service Can Help in an Emergency

As you know, both the East Coast and Colorado yesterday had unprecedented earthquakes that left residents rattled. The unusual 5.8 quake just outside of Washington, D.C., had surprised employees evacuating their offices and overwhelmed cell phone services as people tried to reach their loved ones. We at Ruby were incredibly relieved to hear from our affected clients that they’re all right!

Attorney Deborah Matthews in Alexandria, Virginia copied us on an email to friends letting them know that not only was she all right, but having our virtual receptionist service and other provisions in place eased her mind when the earthquake hit. She wrote that as she headed out of her swaying 5th floor office:

Not one worry about my office operations. My assistant who was headed to lunch had just turned the phones over to Ruby Receptionists, the virtual receptionist service I use. So I knew all calls would be handled as we didn’t know when the building would be cleared to re-enter. I didn’t give my computers a moment of thought since I have offsite back up. Even staff not working today called to check in. And Ruby e-mailed to say that if I wanted any calls returned that it would be done free-of-charge. My disaster planning worked fine, thankfully.

We’re so glad she’s okay, and that we were able to give her some peace of mind during this unexpected and scary situation!

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