How Do I Set Up Multiple Businesses with Ruby’s Virtual Receptionist Service?


Are you a serial entrepreneur, or do you run a law practice and a Judo club? That’s fantastic! And you’re in luck: Our live, friendly receptionists would be delighted to answer calls for all your businesses!

How does it work?

If each business has the same general greeting, such as, “Mr. Smith’s office. How may I help you?” We’re happy to set them all up on the same account at no additional cost. Our virtual receptionists would then be able to handle calls differently from there, depending on what each caller is looking for.

If you would like each business to have its own custom greeting — “Hello, you’ve reached Sunshine Flowers!” and “Thank you for calling Reliable Finance. How may I assist you?” etc. — we will set up each business to look differently to the receptionists.

The best part is the businesses can share the monthly pool of receptionist minutes for a small monthly fee, which makes it much more cost effective than signing multiple companies up with their own plans. Plus, you will receive one bill broken down by how many minutes each business uses.

Let Ruby help you make great first impressions for all your businesses. Give us a call today at 866-611-7829 or post a comment below with your question!

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