Should You Answer Your Own Phone?You’ve found the perfect office and are on your way to building a fantastic team — success, here you come! But here’s something thing to consider before opening for business: Who’ll be answering your phone? If you’re a business owner, think twice before picking up the receiver.

Whether it means hiring an in-house receptionist or using a live virtual receptionist service, here are three reasons why you might not want to answer your own phone:

You might give yourself away as an upstart.

New businesses are fantastic, but when it’s clear that you as a business owner are taking on all sorts of tasks, potential clients might wonder how much time you’ll have to dedicate to their needs. A greeting like “Law firm of Kevin Davidson, Kevin speaking” can cause callers to think twice. No matter how big or small your company, answering your own phones might lead potential clients to question your reputability.

Callers might not want to talk to the head honcho right away.

When you’re running the show, you’d think callers would be thrilled to speak with your right off the bat! But that isn’t always the case. Potential customers often feel more at ease when they’re able to bounce initial questions off a receptionist first. As a bonus, when a client is transferred to you, it seems more special. (“I talked to the owner of Precision Consulting today. She is great! I am definitely going with their firm.”)

Your time might be better spent elsewhere.

Staying in touch with clients and prospects is hugely important, but fielding every incoming call isn’t the best way to do it. You’ve received a phone call when you’re in the middle of an important task or thought before, right? Admit it — it threw you off a bit. Phone calls can be disruptive, and not every call needs your immediate attention. Ask yourself this: What do your clients need most from you? Do they need you to be at-the-ready any time they call? Or do they want you to have the time, space, and creative freedom to make quality decisions about their accounts? You and your clients can probably agree in favor of the second choice.