How a Virtual Receptionist Service Can Bring out Your Inner Don Draper

Photo by Jonathan Mueller

If you’re an ad exec or work for a creative agency these days, you may covet Don Draper of AMC Mad Men‘s coolness factor. He’s slick, he’s hip, he says all the right things. But let’s face it, he has a lot of help. Would he still be so mysterious and cool if he were answering his own phone? Or worse yet, if he were available 24/7 on his cell phone?

These days you don’t need an in-house pool of receptionists to help you achieve the professionalism and charm of Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Price; Ruby can help! Here are five ways a friendly virtual receptionist service can help your agency:

  • Appear more professional. Most of the time, people don’t expect to get the head honcho on the phone immediately. Since the time of switchboards, it’s become the norm to speak with an intermediary before reaching your desired party. You may not have the need or budget for an in-house receptionist, but with a virtual receptionist service like Ruby, your callers won’t know the difference!
  • Enhance your company’s image. With the technology available today, you may work with designers who are spread out all over the country. Whether you’re under one roof or work with a slew of remote employees, Ruby can present a unified image for your business. Every call is answered with the enthusiasm and care one would expect from a posh agency, at a fraction of the price of an on-site receptionist.
  • Work where you’re inspired. To get those artistic juices flowing, sometimes you need to break out of your normal routine. You may want to work one day at a local coffee shop, energized by the bustling crowds (and, of course, caffeine) and the next you may want to brainstorm in a park. With our handy whereabouts tool (and iPhone app!), our virtual receptionists are able to transfer calls to wherever you are.
  • Manage interruptions. Of course, you’d like to take calls when you can, but when you’re on a creative roll or stepping into an important meeting with a client, feel free to let our virtual receptionist team know. We’d be happy to hold your calls while you create your next Glo-Coat-like masterpiece.
  • Increase productivity. With our virtual receptionists as a resource, you’ll be able to manage your time more wisely. We can even make outbound calls on your behalf to relay information or confirm appointments! You can then block out your time to make the best use of your talent.

And since your virtual receptionist service is helping you be more productive…maybe you’ll have a little extra time to catch up on episodes of Mad Men!

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