Ruby Receptionist WOW gift  Ruby WOW gift

Ruby has customers all over the continent; from New Brunswick to New Orleans and Salem, Massachusetts to Salem, Oregon. So, when Ruby receptionist Kaleigh saw Holly’s address flash across her screen on an incoming call, she was delighted to see they both hailed from West Des Moines, Iowa.

“Holly’s office is in my hometown! I know exactly where they are located! Of all of the Rubys that could have answered, it was me! Now is that meant to be or what?!”

Kaleigh ordered a bit of Iowa nostalgia along with a Portland gift to bridge the gap between their current hometowns. Holly received a beautiful vintage Iowa poster for her office and a Portland snow globe for her desk—and was definitely charmed!

She sent Kaleigh a gift in return, another Iowa relic, this one from the University of Iowa’s Hawkeyes. It seems now that she and Kaleigh have made this connection, Holly is beside herself with Iowa pride!

“You were so sweet to send a package to me. What a wonderful surprise. It’s funny, after we talked, I got an email from someone at Ruby that I thought was you. I responded back, “Go Hawks!” and she was very much confused! Haha, (but amused!) Anyhow, I just wanted to say thank you for thinking of me.”

Talk about paying it forward! You just never know when a kind note, personalized gift, and meaningful connection really hits the mark. GO HAWKS!

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