Ruby Receptionists Great Place to Work

We are thrilled, delighted, and extremely proud to announce that Great Place to Work® and FORTUNE Magazine have named Ruby Receptionists the #1 best small company to work for in the nation!

We were a bit in awe when we found out we had made the list — speechless when we learned we had topped it. We knew we had something extremely rare and exciting and amazing going on here at Ruby, but to hear that others could see what we have been feeling for years? Priceless.

Just check out a fraction of the responses from our staff when the announcement reached the team:

What cloud is above cloud nine? Because I feel about 2 thousand clouds above that. – Michael, Level 10 Desktop Wizard

It never fails: I could be having a rough morning or a rough week and the minute I set foot inside of Ruby I can hardly contain the joy that bubbles out of me! What a happy day and a happy place to be!! – Siobhan, virtual receptionist

I feel so fortunate to be a part of such a magical place! It’s a revolution and we’re bringing happiness to the world! – Ashley, Sales Associate

I am honored to work for this company and to work with all of you wonderful people! Here’s to loving our jobs and the world knowing it!! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! – Whitney L., virtual receptionist

WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! I am so elated to be working here with such an amazing and awe inspiring group!! This is such an amazing accomplishment and is proof that Ruby’s hard work has paid off!! – Carly, virtual receptionist

What an amazing achievement! That’s what Ruby does though; we reach for the stars and come back with moon dust! – Ellie, virtual receptionist

Talk about the ULTIMATE WARM FUZZIES! – Patti, virtual receptionist

Gaaaaaaaah!! I am getting misty over here, this is just such an incredible announcement. Thank you Jill!! I’m so inspired by how Ruby continues to set what seem like insane goals, and then BAM! We meet them! – Jennifer S., Problem Solver & Happiness Maker

We are incredibly grateful to all of our wonderful employees, fantastic clients, helpful vendors and partners, and supportive friends; YOU make Ruby such a special place to come to work!