Great Green Features of our Virtual Receptionist Office!

The Lovejoy Building
Photo by virtual receptionist Amanda D.

Ruby®‘s virtual receptionist service moved into a new office a few months ago, and since we’re holding an open house tonight, (feel free to stop by if you’re in town!), we thought we’d share some of the green features we love about our new building. Creating Community is one of our Core Values, so it’s fitting that we would want to take good care of our physical community as well. Check out what makes our new space so green:

LEED certified. The Lovejoy Building was constructed using sustainable materials and has an ECO roof to help with water run-off (it has been known to rain from time to time here in Portland!).

Sustainable accoutrements. The Ruby office is equipped with energy efficient appliances and refurbished furniture, and all of the cheerful, bright-colored paint is low VOC.

Bike (and biker) friendly. Bicycle storage is available in the building for Rubys who commute to work via bike. It’s also where we keep the Ruby cruiser for quick joyrides during lunch! Showers are provided on each floor to encourage biking to work. Green living? No sweat!

Close to public transit. The Portland Streetcar stops right outside our door, and we’re close to buses and the MAX Lightrail system. Between biking and public transit, it’s easy for our staff to take advantage of our Alternative Transportation program, one of the programs that allowed Ruby to be named one of the “Best Green Companies to Work for in Oregon!”

We are thrilled that our new space enables us to limit our carbon footprint and create a happy office environment for all of our hard-working virtual receptionists. Thanks especially to our clients for supporting us; you’ve helped us grow tremendously over the years, and we look forward to doing what we love — cheerfully answering phones and helping small businesses — for many more in this new office!

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