Productivity Tips: Get More Done This Year
Photo by Courtney Dirks

The year started out with a roar! But we’re a few weeks in, you may already be losing steam. Fear not! Here are three ways you can increase your productivity:

  1. Find ways to use your strengths. Injecting your passion into your day-to-day can make you more energized and engaged at work — and avoid burnout. Read how virtual receptionist Whitney M. borrows from her theater days to make the most of every phone call.
  2. Schedule time to focus. An interruption may increase the time it takes you to finish a task by a whopping 25%. That includes checking your email and answering the phone! When you’re working on a project, let your receptionist know to hold your calls and resist the urge to open your Outlook. If you use Ruby, feel free to update your Whereabouts at any time, and our virtual receptionists will take messages while you concentrate.
  3. Foster happiness. Boost your mood by keeping a happiness journal or adding exercise or a few moments of meditation to your routine. Research shows that happy people are more productive, better at sales, and more accurate on tasks. As if we needed another reason!

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 Photo by Courtney Dirks