4 Ways Ruby Can Help Your Financial Planning Firm

Financial plannersMissed calls are missed opportunities to engage potential clients and create a lasting impression for your business. Ruby can set your firm apart from the competition at a fraction of the price of a full-time employee.

So how does our crackerjack virtual receptionist team support financial planners? Ruby can help you:

Make stellar first impressions.

Your days may be full of back-to-back meetings and scheduled calls; who greets your clients: a cold, impersonal voicemail box or a welcoming, friendly, live person? Ruby’s cheerful virtual receptionists will promptly answer your calls and can even answer basic FAQs about your firm.

Focus on producing superior work — without distractions.

When you’re plugging away on something that requires a high level of concentration, an interruption like a phone call can interfere with your work flow and may increase the time it takes to finish your project by 25%. You can update your availability at any time via email, phone, our free iPhone app, or mobile-friendly Member Services Area. This can be anything from “Hold my calls until 1:00” to “In a meeting from 9-10:00” to “Working from home; transfer calls there” — it’s like giving us a virtual tap on the shoulder!

Make the most of your time.

Our virtual receptionists can also perform different actions based on the type of call. For example, we can ask potential clients how they heard about you and what services they’re interested in; we can track you down for urgent calls or only take messages for current clients – it’s up to you how you’d like to prioritize your calls!

Enjoy some freedom!

You don’t have to be chained to your desk, waiting for the phone to ring; our virtual receptionist team can transfer calls to you wherever you are, whenever you like. When you can’t or don’t want to be reached, we’ll email and/or text your messages to you immediately, so you’re always in the loop.

And we love working with financial planners; after six years of answering calls for investment advisory firm Chartered Advisory Group, we asked Bob Pedrick what he thought of Ruby. Here’s what he said:

Ruby brings extraordinary value and efficiency to our practice. When our clients call, a super nice person – not a machine – answers the phone and is able to connect that client to us no matter where we are. Ruby works 13 hours a day during the week, never gets sick, never takes a day off, never complains, and can handle as much call volume as you can throw at her for a price you just have to see to believe.

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