Photo via Flickr Creative Commons user David Bergin Photography

Do you want your customers to say, “Wow!” every time you interact with them? Give them what they don’t even know they want. No need to be a mind reader, simply follow the tips below, and you’ll be fulfilling unexpressed needs in no time!

Tone of voice.

Often, tone can express even more than words can. Does your first-time caller sound hesitant and unsure? Attentively listening to their tone of voice can help you seal the deal as you reassure and clarify what will happen next. Offering tailored solutions to your callers will certainly make a lasting and positive impression.

Follow-up calls.

After a client makes a significant change to their account, or has a question about your service, make a reminder to follow up. Whether they have forgotten about the issue, or are too busy to call you again, your clients will be surprised and pleased that you’ve proactively called to check in to see how things are working. It’s a great opportunity for them to feel heard and ask any questions they might be wondering.

Follow-up emails.

Sending a follow-up email after chatting with a customer over the phone can be very helpful! It’s a great opportunity to recap what you’ve just chatted about, provide your contact information to your client, and give any extra information your client might need.

Sending notecards.

Another way to fulfill unexpressed needs is sending handwritten notecards. Drop a note in the mail for just about any reason, and the gesture will make a lasting impression. Including your business card is a great way to invite them to give you feedback or ask questions (it also saves them the time of looking up your contact info – double WOW whammy!).

How do you surprise and delight your customers? Share your tips in the comment section below!

Photo via Flickr user David Bergen Photography