The free Ruby iPhone and Android app lets you make the most of your Ruby virtual receptionist service from wherever you are!

Download the app here or take a tour of the app below.




Quickly let us know your availability with a few quick taps. Simply select your timeframe (For the Rest of Today, Until Further Notice, or a Specific Date and Time) and add a note if you like.

The Whereabouts tab in the Ruby Android app
The Whereabouts tab in the Ruby Android app

It’s perfect for any temporary instructions you might’ve tapped an in-house employee on the shoulder to tell them: “Hold my calls till noon,” “Working from home,” “In court; returning calls after 3:00pm,” etc. Ruby will update your call-handling instructions and route your calls where you want them, when you want them.


Talked to a prospect this morning but can’t remember their name? The Activity tab in your Ruby app could jog your memory! Here you can view your messages, call history, and Assist history.

Your call history contains every call you’ve received, including those that were transferred to you live, as well as any information the virtual receptionist gathered during the course of each call.

You can also conveniently save contact information directly to your smartphone by clicking on the “Add to Contact” button at the bottom of each message and call entry.

And by clicking Assists, you can easily review records of each Assist you have requested.


Everyone in your company may update their login info and see your Ruby forwarding phone number.

The billing contact(s) for your company can also conveniently view Ruby invoices from the past year and manage credit cards on file.


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Share your peace of mind with your friends by sending them an email or posting to Facebook or Twitter – right from your iPhone or Android.

Best of all, when you refer a friend to Ruby, you both get rewarded!


Tap on the Ruby tab and our phone number and email address appear as hotlinks for a quick way to contact us! There’s also a link to an FAQ page on the Ruby app.

Plus, if you find yourself in Portland, Oregon, our address is listed as a hotlink and will bring you straight to a Google map — feel free to stop by, and we’ll give you a tour!