Our clients are busy small business owners and employees, without a lot of extra time on their hands, so we’ve made it easy to keep callers informed, access your messages, and more, straight from your computer or smartphone. With Ruby’s mobile-friendly Member Services Area, you can focus on what you do best and get even more done, while having the peace of mind that our receptionists are making a stellar impression for your business!

What can you do in your Member Services Area?

Update your Whereabouts. Whereabouts updates are anything you’d normally tap your receptionist on the shoulder to tell them: “Headed to lunch for an hour; please take messages,” “Working from home today,” etc. The Member Services Area makes it easy to keep your virtual receptionist and callers in the loop — making you look good!

Ruby Receptionists Member Services AreaEasily Track your Virtual Receptionist Minute Usage. At the bottom of the Member Services homepage is a running tally of your Month-to-Date minutes so you can quickly make sure you’re on the most cost-effective plan for your business. If you’d like to play with the data a little more or download a copy for your records, simply hit the “Export to Excel” button, and you’ve got a handy spreadsheet!

Search your Messages. Using the search bar at the top, you can search your messages. Select “Download Contact” to import a caller’s name and phone number straight into your email client or smartphone!

View your Call History. Racking your brain trying to remember the name of the new client you just spoke with so you can add him to your CRM? By sorting your call history by date and/or time, you can quickly find any information the receptionist gathered during the course of the call, along with caller ID info, so that you can make a great impression when you follow up with your next big client.

Review Assists. Our virtual receptionist team often makes calls on behalf of our clients to relay information or confirm appointments, adding a professional touch and letting clients focus on producing top-notch work. Though we always send a summary email of what happened on the call, you can always look up past “assists,” as we call ’em, in your Member Services Area.

Create Email Notifications. Each individual in your company can set up their own alerts for different types of calls. Frequently out in the field and often find yourself looking up caller ID information? By setting up an alert for connected calls, any info the receptionist gathered and caller ID name and number will be sent to you automatically!

Refer a Friend to Ruby Receptionists

Refer a Friend to Ruby! Know someone who could use Ruby’s helpful, live virtual receptionist service? Share your peace of mind with your friends by sending them an email or posting to Facebook or Twitter — right in the Member Services Area! You can even personalize your referral page by adding your own testimonial. Best of all, when you refer a friend, you both get rewarded!

Log into Member Services by clicking on the phone icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Ruby homepage or click here to get started!

Questions? We’d be happy to help! Post your question below or give us a call at 866-611-7829!