Photo via Flickr user Colin_K

Frequently asked questions, commonly referred to as “FAQs,” can be the saving grace for anyone in your business who answers the phone. Do first-time callers tend to ask similar questions? If so, preparing a list of FAQs can be a great tool, allowing your business’ representative to make a stellar first impression by providing quick, knowledgeable answers.

The perfect list of FAQs begins with clarity! It’s a great idea to craft a short list of about four to six questions and concise answers for your receptionist. Keeping the list short keeps your receptionist sounding confident and charming, rather than sounding like a robot reading from a script. Armed with this list, he or she can answer callers’ most pressing questions.

Here are some benefits of the FAQ list:

  • Wow first-time callers. Folks typically don’t call just to chat; they have questions and oftentimes, a problem and need a solution. That’s where you come in! Impress new clients by answering their first questions clearly and immediately.
  • Boost client confidence. Callers will feel confident in your services if the first person they speak with either has answers or knows where to find them.
  • Save time for you and your callers. Allowing someone else to handle the easy questions means you’ll have more time to work on the hard ones. While you are free to work on projects and run your business, callers will spend less time on the phone waiting for their questions to be answered. That’s a win-win!

Like any top-notch phone answerer, Ruby is also happy to answer FAQs. We automatically include answers to the most basic questions (“What’s your address?” “May I have your fax number?” etc.), but we can also add your rates, driving directions, and more. Our Client Happiness team would be delighted to add a few more FAQs to your account!

 Photo via Flickr user Colin_K