Evaluating Virtual Receptionists? Here’s Your Checklist


With the wealth of options in today’s market, selecting a virtual receptionist for your business can be tricky. How do you know what features will best meet your needs, at a cost you can afford—all while giving your customers an exceptional experience?

Our 10 question checklist is designed to help you conduct a thorough evaluation of any virtual receptionist service. This free resource provides a detailed explanation of each question, as well as what to look for in a response. Additionally, we cover commonly requested features and industry lingo, so you can best articulate your needs to the services you evaluate. Most importantly, you’ll receive a handy checklist that includes all the questions, as well as an area to takes notes. Simply print this page off as a cheat-sheet to have next to you for each call!

Feel confident knowing you’ve chosen the best virtual receptionist for your business—one that will provide the level service your callers deserve and the features you need to run effectively.
Included in this free resource:

  • Detailed explanation of each question and what to look for in a response
  • Explanation of commonly-requested features
  • A checklist that includes all questions, as well as an area for notes. Print as a cheat-sheet and have next to you for each call!

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