Photo by timofeia
Photo by timofeia

Facebook, my dear Watson!

The pinnacle of Ruby service (and customer service in general) is making meaningful connections with clients, but actually getting to that point can be a little tricky. That’s where social media can help! In addition to listening for cues and asking questions, social media can help you get to know your clients and even WOW them!

Play detective! Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn…it’s enough to make your head spin. Not to mention that as of this writing, we have 1,406 Twitter followers and 1,332 Facebook “likes.” That’s a lot of folks to keep straight!

When a new client signs up, I do a quick search for their business on Facebook and Twitter and segment them with streams in Hootsuite. At a glance, I can see what our clients are talking about and what interests them, and depending on the info, we might reply via social media or add it to their account so that the rest of our virtual receptionist team can get to know them, too!

Don’t just listen, jump into the fray! Even the term, “lurker,” seems dubious; a friendly conversation always has two sides! We try to share others’ helpful articles and add a bit of commentary whenever possible, and we always reply to folks who mention us on Twitter or post on our Facebook page. When our clients see that we’re just as real and friendly as we are over the phone, they keep coming back!

Know when to have an aside. When I post to the Ruby Facebook page or tweet from @callruby, most of the time, I’m speaking as Ruby (you know, the royal “we,” the editorial…). However, if I ever see anything that strikes a chord with me personally, it’s “Quick! To the notecard cabinet!” And of course, a little context never hurts (Saw your tweet the other day that your daughter was ill. I hope she’s feeling better!).

We’d love to connect with you, too! Find us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and strike up a conversation!