Customer Service Tips
Photo courtesy of Tonya Coles

When you think about customer service, you probably think about responding promptly and thoroughly to questions, delivering work on time, and being friendly as you do so. But truly exceptional service – which clients tell their friends about – is about more than simply being efficient and helpful. To get to the top of the customer experience pyramid, reach your clients on a personal level.

Opportunities are everywhere! Birthdays and holidays are clear occasions to send a card and are easy to plan for in advance. To make an even greater impression, show your listening skills by recognizing:

New Additions to the Family

Welcoming a new baby into the world is an exciting time! Congratulate your client on their growing family with a surprise gift or note signed by your office. At Ruby, we like to send a custom onesie:

Adorable Vine courtesy of Jeff Parker


Did your client have to reschedule their appointment because they’re feeling under the weather? Add a quick note to your confirmation email wishing them well. Bonus: Send them a care package in the mail to aid their recovery!

Landmark Achievements

Make your clients’ successes, your successes! If your client mentions they just won a big case, signed the closing papers on their new house, or their son or daughter graduated from college, send them a celebratory gift or record a personalized Vsnap.

A thoughtful card or gift shows you’ve listened carefully, and your clients will feel more confident that you’ve applied the same level of detail to their account. Not only that, but these small tokens strengthen your bond of trust and help cement a lasting business relationship!

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