When to call instead of emailYou rely on email to communicate with clients, potential clients, and coworkers daily, and sometimes hitting “reply” is the most effective way to respond. But sometimes an email can raise more questions than it answers, and you may be missing opportunities to create amazing connections with a simple telephone call. The next time you’re gearing up to send an email, ask yourself these four questions, and consider picking up the phone instead.

A call may help you make a stellar impression on an associate or potential client!

  • Do you need to explain something complicated? If you find yourself spending more than a few minutes trying to explain something in writing, it might be best to pick up the phone. Confusing topics usually lead to multiple questions, and by calling, those questions can be addressed quickly and easily without the back-and-forth of a long email chain.
  • Do you need to say “no”? Tone is of the utmost importance when delivering a negative response. When saying “no,” it’s important to be tactful, respectful, and helpful, and a friendly conversation makes that easy. As a bonus, when you call, you give yourself a great opportunity to explain the reason behind the “no,” offer suggestions and alternatives, and even make a sale. Maybe you don’t offer exactly what a potential client is seeking, but that doesn’t mean you can’t offer something else, or even something better! “We don’t do that per se; however, I’d be happy to tell you about some other solutions that have worked well for our clients!”  
  • Are you addressing a potentially touchy subject? Even the most carefully-crafted message may be misconstrued without the aid of a friendly voice, so when the topic is a touchy one, it’s best to call. A telephone call is a more powerful expression of care and concern than an email, and showing customer you care is especially important when emotions are involved.
  • Do you feel like calling instead of replying? Sometimes calling is faster, easier, or better than emailing. Other times, calling just feels like the right thing to do. Calling a customer is an easy way to make an impression and a personal connection. When you feel the urge ring your client instead of replying to an email, go for it!