Confessions of a Virtual Receptionist: How to Sustain Pep & Cheer Throughout an 8 Hour Day

Virtual receptionists Marie, Lianne, and Mercedes
Rubys Marie (left), Lianne, and Mercedes at this year’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” awards

We’re proud to say that today’s guest poster is one of Ruby®‘s talented virtual receptionists, Marie!  

“How are you are so perky?” Ask any virtual receptionist at Ruby, and she will surely tell you of a time when a caller or client asked her this very question. Our usual response is something about copious amounts of coffee, but I wanted to give a more comprehensive answer to this fabulous question. Personally, I draw energy from three main sources: Positivity, Health, and Community.


  • Language is a powerful tool. Replacing drab words like “ok” or “sure” with WOW words, like “absolutely!” “fantastic!” and “certainly!” makes callers feel more cared for, and their happiness reflect back to you.
  • Phrasing your sentences so that the caller knows what you CAN do keeps calls on the right track, and everyone stays up beat.
  • Keeping your tone of voice cheery and helpful can create a positive atmosphere. To do this, simply smile while you speak. You’ll find that your tone of voice perks up as your lips curve up!


  • Knowing ergonomically correct posture keeps my energy flowing in a positive direction. OSHA is a great resource and offers many solutions that I’ve seen Ruby employing such as wrist rests.
  • Healthy snacking is another way I keep my energy levels up. We virtual receptionists know that talking on the phone and eating do not mix, so I make sure to have something munchable ready on each break.


  • Creating Community is one of the Ruby Core Values, and it has been game-changer in my work experience. The little things my co-workers do for me can completely turn my day around. I was chipper for the rest of the morning after Lianne sent me this little guy!
    • Being friendly isn’t unprofessional! Personalized notes and emails are a great way to make someone feel appreciated, which makes everyone involved more cheerful! We received one of these e-cards from a client recently, and it made our day!
    • Lastly, I brighten my workspace with objects that make me smile. I keep special notes from my family and co-workers, along with a box of crayons for crafting fun cards:

What do you have at your desk that makes you smile throughout the day?

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