Your Complete Guide to the Virtual Office

You know how I like to spend a day at the office?

Sipping on a cappuccino at my favorite coffee shop.

Or perhaps, looking out over the ocean from a sea-side cafe. Maybe with my cats, wrapped up in blankets, and drinking ever more coffee.

Like many other business professionals, the virtual office has become my office of choice.

What is a virtual office?

Remember the days of being shackled to a desk by a landline and typewriter?

Me either.

But, what I do remember is needing to be in the same place as my team to accomplish 90% of my work. Now, with a little tech magic, this isn’t always necessary.

In all of its on-the-go, work-from-wherever glory, the virtual office is the modern-day business solution to the traditional bricks and mortar.

According to our friends at Wikipedia, a virtual office is

 “the operational domain of any business or organization whose workforce includes a significant proportion of workers using technology to perform their work at home.”

To put it plainly, a virtual office primarily exists in cyberspace and without a designated physical location. In opting for a virtual office, employees can work from virtually (heh) anywhere with an internet connection.

Who does a virtual office work for?

Working remotely requires a particular kind of culture. You need go get ’em employees, highly motivated, self-directed, and equipped with the proper tools for success.

The advantages in running a virtual office are especially beneficial for the solo-practice or small business owner. With a small number of employees or none at all, this can be good for your budget and optimal for growth. After all, moving your team from the internet to a shiny new HQ is much less work (and way less expensive) than hopping from office to office.

The Perks:

  • No commute! Unless, of course, you want one.
  • Employees are able to work when they work best
  • Employees are able to work where they work best
  • Access to talent isn’t limited to a geographic location
  • Lower overhead costs
  • Reduced turnover
  • Assist in the growth of your company

When does it work?

Creating your ideal work environment day to day, hour to hour, is a freedom. This, however, might not work well for everyone.

The Challenges:

  • Seeking out locations to meet with clients
  • A lack of face-to-face interaction can stifle a developing company culture
  • Coordinating meetings and projects with employees in different time zones
  • When you work where you live, “clocking out” and maintaining a separation between work and home can prove problematic
  • Two words: technical difficulties

These drawbacks can pose a real pickle for small businesses. However, if you have big dreams of working from a virtual office, fear not:

There are tools to help you move past these challenges.

Shall we?

Tell me more.

Ruby’s virtual receptionist service + your virtual office = Virtual Love.

We are in the business of virtual, of working remotely, of maintaining a relationship with our customers despite the miles and time zones that separate us.

So, I suppose you could say it takes one to know one.

Here is how we can help:

  • Present a professional, unified front. And look bigger while you do it. Your callers will think Ruby’s receptionists work in your office—even if you don’t actually have one. From answering and transferring calls to you and/or your team, taking messages, making outbound calls, scheduling, and more, you receive all of the skills you’d want from an “in-house” receptionist without having to actually hire one.
  • One number to rule them all. *Cue Lord of the Rings puns.*  Are you running your business from your cell phone? Yikes. How does the idea of being able to choose between a business or a personal number from one phone sound? Yup. Two lines, one phone. We can give you a local or toll free number to grant you a little separation between church and state. It’s really that easy. Plus, regardless if you are a one man show or a team of ten, having one central number makes your business look less piecemeal, and more established, to your customers.
  •  Focus on what you need to accomplish while Ruby takes care of your calls. Take some extra time to do some virtual team building or call a meeting with your employee four hours ahead. Rest assured knowing your callers are receiving a memorable customer experience.

Whether you’re looking for a better way to run your business or simply needing a little extra wiggle room in how you work, going virtual is probably a lot more viable than you would have thought.

Where would you go if there was no office-bound desk to hold you back?

Dream big.

Interested in learning more about how a virtual receptionist service can help you grow?

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