Ruby Receptionists Review: Staffing Robot
Jason Lander Chief Promoter at Staffing Robot

We were delighted to chat with Jason Lander, CEO of Staffing Robot, and Ruby client since April of last year. Staffing Robot is a team of designers, developers, and marketing gurus with significant experience in the staffing industry.

Tell us a little about Staffing Robot.

Staffing Robot is a team of the most creative, professional, and fun group of people I’ve ever worked with. I brag about my team so often I sometimes worry it will sound disingenuous, but they truly are a remarkable crew. We deliver websites, mobile websites, branding, software development, software products, and marketing services to companies in the staffing and recruiting industries, as well as large employers. We work with companies of all types and sizes, all across the country.

Our Client Happiness Department loves using Hively for feedback. For those who don’t know, what is it?

Hively is a product we made to help companies gather customer feedback in a simple, immediate way. The goal is to give your customers an outlet to provide compliments and address issues. Companies will know what’s making their customers happy and where they can improve. An added benefit is keeping employees focused on delivering exceptional customer service, as well as rewarding them for doing so.

Hively Customer Feedback Tool

In addition to Hively, what are some of the other products you offer your clients?

Our primary product offering is called Jobbee. Jobbee helps companies promote job opportunities on the web so they can attract and hire top talent. It integrates with backend job and A.T.S. applications. It also helps distribute jobs to your company’s website and other places on the web, including Indeed, Facebook and LinkedIn. It’s also fully mobile to help reach mobile job seekers.

I love that even though “robot” is in your name, you recognize the value of human-to-human connections. While people are more connected than ever via technology, there seems to be a real hunger for personal connections these days. What are some of the ways you facilitate those connections at Staffing Robot?

Funny enough, the “Robot” part of our brand is used just how you’re asking. It enables us to have a conversation with our customers about using technology to find and connect with new customers, and remaining human to ensure those customers remain loyal. We speak directly with customers whenever necessary, include them in our marketing and promotional materials, and involve them in strategy sessions. We use our social media channels for community development, not just as megaphones.

Speaking of conversations, how did you handle your phones before you started using Ruby’s virtual receptionist service?

When we first started Staffing Robot we answered calls directly. We were quickly overrun with too many calls! We moved to an automated software approach, and it just wasn’t personal enough. We felt having a friendly voice answer the phone would be beneficial, but didn’t want to budget for an employee in that position. Ruby was the perfect fit to resolve this for us!

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in your business since hiring Ruby?

I no longer worry that our customers are being ignored when they call. Ruby does an excellent job at screening calls, sending us detailed caller information. Most importantly, Ruby makes our customers feel properly greeted and welcome.

What do your callers think of your receptionist?

We’ve had a surprising number of compliments like, “Your receptionist is great!” or “Whoever answers your phones is really friendly.” That’s all I need to hear to keep working with Ruby!

Thanks to Jason for taking the time to chat! If you’d like to learn more about Staffing Robot, check out their website here.