While Rosen Advertising founder Toby Rosen lives and works in Thailand, Ruby answers his calls from right here in the U.S. We had the pleasure of learning more about Toby and his firm in today’s Client Spotlight!

Tell us a little about what Rosen Advertising does.

Rosen Advertising is a PPC and SEM firm focusing on helping divorce lawyers. My dad is a divorce lawyer, and he and a few of his consulting clients, along with friends in the industry, needed a PPC manager who could focus on their accounts in greater detail. A lot of people, attorneys in particular, were and are very disillusioned with PPC firms that scale large numbers of accounts while making mistakes and neglecting to fix them. My goal is to be able to quickly implement campaigns that work well and have a high ROI for the customer, but to also be flexible and knowledgeable enough to make changes and adapt when the systems we’ve developed don’t work.

There’s a 14-hour time difference between where you’re located in Thailand and Ruby’s Portland, Oregon offices. What’s that like?

Taking calls with a 14-hour time difference (11 hours if we’re talking Eastern Time), is really pretty routine. A lot of that is definitely due to having Ruby. I do get the odd call during dinner, but I’m usually able to get to a 24/7 coffee shop or back to my apartment before anything important comes in. Late morning and early afternoon calls might require an extra cup of coffee or two, but nothing is too out of the ordinary. The fantastic thing is that I never miss out on a call. Bangkok is a fantastic city to work in, and the only aspect of my business that could suffer is real time communication with North America. Ruby makes sure I stay in touch.

How did you handle your phones before using Ruby?

Before Ruby, I handled the phones. In the U.S, I could cross my fingers hoping to be available for every call. After coming to Bangkok, I needed a better solution. I could see potential sales going out the window because I was being perceived as unavailable and unable to liaise with clients. Not only was that the perception, but also the reality of the situation. I might actually miss the same number of calls now as when I wasn’t working with Ruby, but at least I can be sure that my clients will hear a friendly voice on the phone. I’ll even get a message to call the client back.

What do your callers think of your receptionist?

My clients love Ruby. I constantly get comments about how courteous the receptionists are and about what a great service it is. I even have a couple of clients who used Ruby when they were starting up. They love that they know their message is getting across. Preventing a breakdown in communication is key for my business. I don’t know what I’d do without Ruby Receptionists!

You gave us an incredible compliment on Twitter; tell us more about that.

I mentioned on Twitter that I was getting a minimum of 3 times ROI from using Ruby. It’s hard to pin down one specific example, but I know that I am definitely able to bring on more clients and sell more products. It’s because they don’t feel like they’re being ignored—getting someone’s voicemail has always seemed like a pretty harsh let down. In the course of setting up a new account or working on a software or content development project with a lawyer, I will probably miss 2-3 calls from that client. It’s a long process, and having Ruby make sure my clients feel connected to my company really helps with retention.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I really love happy clients. When we’re able to do a lot more for a client than they normally would be able to do, it’s really satisfying—it feels really good to help amplify a firm’s success. I also really like problem solving to help prevent the lean months, and I’m really happy with the freedom my work gives me.

Big thanks to Toby for taking the time to chat with us! To learn more about Rosen Advertising, feel welcome to check out his site here.