Jenise HarmonLife can throw you all sorts of curve balls and, sometimes, you just need someone to remind you it doesn’t have to be so hard. This is what motivated Jenise Harmon to start her business, New Wings Counseling—to help others find a new, happier way of living. As a counselor specializing in treating depression and anxiety, compassion and clear communication are important to her clients. To begin building trust, it’s was critical to Jenise that her clients have a great experience from the very first interaction—which is how her Ruby story began.

Jenise’s business had increased, and she was getting quite a number of phone calls. When she answered the phone, people would ask questions and set up appointments. When the calls went to voicemail, however, most people just hung up. As it was only Jenise in the practice, she didn’t feel the need for a full-time receptionist. That said, she did need a live, caring individual to take calls when she was in session or unable to get to the phone.

People don’t call for counseling when they’re feeling great. Jenise needed someone who communicated kindness and caring, someone her callers felt they could trust. Tone of voice, attention to the caller, ability to hear beyond what the caller was saying—these were the details that truly mattered to her. If a caller was greeted by someone sounding annoyed, unintelligible, or worst, rude, potential clients may assume that’s how her business was run. She saw the phone is an extension of her character and, therefore, tone was extremely critical.

Jenise tested out a number of services that were very affordable. Unfortunately, she found paying less often meant a lower quality service. In one instance, she called her own number to make sure everything was working. She was greeted by a nice sounding receptionist, but heard yelling and cursing in the background. She was horrified!

Fortunately, she discovered Ruby through Lawyerist. Right away, she was impressed by our customer support and immediate responses to her questions. Jenise was also thrilled to learn receptionists would be able to answer frequently asked questions, freeing her up to focus on responding to clients. Most importantly, Ruby possessed the tone she was looking for—warm, kind, and expressing a sincere desire to help.

Over the past year, Jenise has seen her business has grow—which she attributes in part to having a live, friendly person answer the phone and take messages. As Jenise says,

Ruby has provided me with peace of mind because I know my calls are answered in a warm, professional manner. Messages are sent quickly and accurately. Most of all, I know how my phone will be answered. I am completely confident Ruby represents my business in exactly the way I need.

Thank you Jenise for sharing your Ruby story! If you’re looking for a professional voice for your company, we’d love to help! Send us an email at, give us a call at 866-611-7829 or get started right away by completing our online service agreement!