Nick GrayWhen your company’s mission is to produce customized, unique experiences for your customers, it’s important to deliver personalized service from the outset. For Nick Gray, Founder and CEO of Museum Hack, great first impressions are a business necessity. That’s why he relies on Ruby.

Museum Hack provides renegade tours at the world’s best museums, telling the untold stories of the art and artists, juicy gossip about the museum, and hosting activities in the galleries like “Buy, Burn, Steal,” where guests choose their favorite (and least favorite) pieces. All tours are customized on-the-fly to include the pieces Museum Hack guides are passionate about, not necessarily the most famous or most expensive pieces. Their goal is to make tours fun and engaging, overcoming the dreaded “museum fatigue.”

In Museum Hack’s early days, Nick used his cellphone to handle calls, which quickly became unsustainable. Later, he got a central line and routed calls to team members’ phones, but this also became problematic as the company grew. Most of the Museum Hack team works remotely across multiple time zones, and they didn’t have a good way to track incoming calls or make sure they were following up with contacts. Team members would sometimes misplace contact information, or have a delayed follow-up with contacts, resulting in lost business or a poor experience for customers.

When he began looking for a solution, it was critical to Nick that customers felt Museum Hack was an awesome company to work with right from the get-go. Nick had invested in a great team known for building genuine connections, and wanted guests to have that experience every step of the way—especially on that first interaction. Once Nick found Ruby, his search was over. As he says,

In hindsight, we should have invested in Ruby sooner. They’ve helped remove barriers to our growth, as well as capture more opportunities for new business. They’ve given our own staff more flexibility to schedule their time and focus on their own work—including the guided tours, sales, marketing and operations help make our business grow. We reached $1 million in sales this year, and the experts at Ruby have been a key contributor to that growth. There’s simply no way that we could support all of the increased business without having hired the experts at Ruby.

Thank you Nick for sharing your Ruby story! If you’re seeking stellar first impressions for your company, we’d love to help! Send us an email at, give us a call at 866-611-7829 or get started right away by completing our online service agreement!