IMG_7839Ruby has been delighted to answer phones for Marquam Group, a company focused on building business driven technology solutions, for almost two years now. We had the pleasure of chatting with Chad Layman, CEO of Marquam Group, for today’s Client Spotlight!

Tell us a little about Marquam Group.

We create customized Microsoft productivity solutions that help businesses improve the way they work. Wherever you see employees struggling with complex or poorly defined business processes, we are there to help streamline those workflows. Marquam Group is one of the premiere Microsoft partners in the Pacific Northwest and Rocky Mountain regions. We serve clients in numerous markets with employees spread across four western states and Mexico.

What most excites you when working with your clients?

Our motivating purpose is to power business evolution. Each client we engage with has a unique set of challenges that stand between where they are and where they want to go. It’s incredibly rewarding to analyze a problem, develop a strategic plan of attack, and deliver the best solution possible. It’s exciting to be a part of that journey and to see the evolution fueling our clients’ successes.

How did you handle your calls before hiring Ruby?

When we first started out we had a simple approach—everyone answered the phones without letting it ring more than 3 times. It’s important our clients reach an actual person so we can provide a high level of client service. Eventually, we assigned the phones to a single person, but it was only one of their responsibilities. As we continued to grow and call volume increased, it became harder to deliver the communication experience we wanted. When clients began to notice, we knew we had to find a better solution.

How has having Ruby’s virtual receptionist service affected your business day-to-day?

Ruby has powered some business evolution of our own, and I love that! Because Ruby is so good at what they do, they enable us to focus on our core strengths. Clients get to the right people quickly and unwanted solicitations are filtered out before they reach us. It’s a win for both Marquam Group and our clients.

What do you like best about working with Ruby?

Every single receptionist we have engaged with has been intelligent, personable, and professional. The email notifications are pretty swell too!

A big thank you to Chad for taking the time to chat with us!