Ruby Receptionists ReviewRuby has been cheerfully answering calls for Happy Hamster Computer Repair, and its parent company, IT Assurance, for just under three years. We’re delighted to share our interview with Zac Cramer, C.O.O., and his passion for the IT industry.

Tell us a little about I.T. Assurance.

We provide an unexpectedly awesome IT support experience. We follow what Ruby acolytes would call the “WOWism” principle in everything we do. In terms of services, we provide desk support, phone systems, and printer systems from our Portland, Oregon home base to our clients nationwide.

Why did you choose to work in the technology industry?

When considering what sort of business to start, I noticed my business owner friends consistently complained about rude, unfriendly, and unhelpful IT folks. People felt about IT the same way they felt about their dentist—visits were necessary, but always painful and expensive. I wanted to show people a better way.

What is your favorite part of your job?

Defying people’s expectations! We have a “wall of compliments” in our office with every thank you note, thank you email, and appreciative comment we’ve received from our customers. We love it when they start off with, “I was so angry” or “I was so upset with my computer” because we know they’re going to end with, “your staff made me feel at ease!

What is the most common problem you come across at I.T. Assurance?

Fear of technology; a lot of people simply can’t imagine that computers can be a source of satisfaction. We help people understand technology can bring value to their lives and their businesses, and that it’s something to embrace with both arms.

What do your callers think of your receptionist?

They think they work here! Often times when people come to visit, they’re surprised not to find a receptionist at the front desk. We’ve heard before, “Oh, I wanted to thank your receptionist for being so great, where is she?” People are stunned when we tell them we use a virtual service!

A big thank you to Zac for taking the time to chat with us!