DrakeL1We’ve had the pleasure of answering calls for Drake Law, PLLC, since October 2014. We’re excited to share our interview with owner and attorney, Lindsey Drake, in today’s Client Spotlight!

Tell us about your practice.

Drake Law, PLLC is a small office of two lawyers and the occasional intern. I focus on writing wills, estate planning, and the probate of wills. My associate, Rebecca Pitts, concentrates on elder law matters including Medicaid planning.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I love the interaction with clients during meetings and consultations. I worked for a company one summer where I wrote many memos and had zero contact with anyone outside of the office. I’ve been in customer service positions since I started working at 16 years old, so I felt isolated.

Many people don’t think of the law as a customer service position, but it is. The primary difference from retail is that people now ask me how to fix their problems and reach their goals. While I tell them what to do, I am still providing a service.

How did you handle your calls before hiring Ruby?

Badly. I let many calls go to voicemail so that I could stay focused on my tasks. I’m also frequently in the car traveling and unable to answer. If I’m out in a coffee shop or away from my office and a current client calls, I feel comfortable briefly explaining the background noise and then answering their questions. However, calls from new clients must be taken when I have my calendar and a quiet room.

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in your business since hiring Ruby?

There have been two huge changes. I no longer have multiple missed calls from the same person just because they didn’t want to leave a voicemail. Having a live person answer my calls and either connect them to me or my voicemail has increased client satisfaction immensely. Secondly, I saw an increase in new business soon after hiring Ruby. When a new client calls and a live person answers, they’re far more likely to stop calling other attorneys for hire and wait a little bit for a return call.

What do callers think of your receptionist?

I’ve received many compliments on my receptionists, and never a caller complaint. I love that my receptionists are friendly and have pleasant phone voices with no regional accents. Only a couple of my clients have noticed that my receptionist isn’t a staff person in my office and it has never mattered. Off-site services are the norm now!

A big thank you to Lindsey for taking the time to chat with us!