A.B. Laundry & Mats

In my opinion, there are few things more satisfying then shaking out my freshly washed, still warm from the dryer clothes and getting a waft of that wonderful clean smell. Fortunately, I’ve found two people who agree with me. Ruby clients Sue and Steve Hills have turned the satisfying feeling of a clean load of laundry into a profitable and rapidly growing business with their company A.B. Laundry.

Tell us a little about A.B. Laundry & Mat Services.

We are a commercial laundry and mat service focused on the healthcare, restaurant, wellness and dental industries. We process everything from aprons and patient gowns, to coveralls and lab coats, with customers selecting weekly or bi-weekly delivery. We also provide dust control services that include wet mops, dust mops, anti-fatigue mats and logo mats.

What’s the A.B. Laundry story?

Steve’s mom started a laundry service in the early 1980’s called the Daily Linen with the help of her father and mother (Steve’s grandparents). Steve worked for his mom for quite a while until she sold the business to him in 1991. He renamed it A.B. Laundry & Mat Services in honor of his grandfather (Arthur Burns) who helped his mother start the original laundry service.

Steve started out quite small, working in a tiny space. When the business grew, he built a shop to facilitate the growth. In 1994,  I left my job in the high-tech sector to join the business. Four years later, we outgrew the plant we had and moved into a larger one. In 2007, we expanded again. We are now in the process of moving to new facilities due, once again, to expansion.

Steve has really tried to change the perception that laundry is not a vital element to a business. The devil is in the details as they say, and customer’s appreciate the small things. To provide an honest, integrity driven laundry and/or mat service has also been a primary focus.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I work in the office, so I really enjoy getting the chance to speak with our customers and assist them with whatever questions or concerns they may have along the way. I have an immense respect for our customers, and am really energized by watching their businesses grow. We have several customers who have greatly expanded their businesses and we’re always thrilled to be a part of that success.

What one thing would the general public find most surprising about your job?

I work a great deal with the public, so I think most people would be surprised to learn the majority of people are kind, hard working, thoughtful human beings.

What do you like best about working with Ruby?

Ruby has absolutely been a part of our success. We used to have the phones go to voicemail, rather than callers having the opportunity to speak with a live person. We found many times people wouldn’t leave a message. As a result, we had no way of knowing if we missed a sales call or a current customer in need of assistance. Being a smaller company, a full time receptionist was not an option. Yet, at the same time, I was a little worried about using an answering service based on my experience calling other businesses with answering services.

I can’t believe how fortunate I was to find Ruby right out of the gate. In all the years of doing business with Ruby, I’ve never had a single complaint. I’ve had callers compliment us again and again about the “person who answers our phones.” Whenever I need to make updates to our routing, staff schedules or even create special instructions, Ruby has always been spot on with those changes. It’s a relief to know that Ruby has our backs and it’s one less detail I have to worry about.