Webinar: Views From the Top

Did you know that 7 out of every 10 small business will close within a decade of opening?

In our recorded webinar, Views From the Top: 5 Tips from a Successful Small Business Owner, we interview Thomas Johnson, solo practitioner at the Divorce Shoppe. In this 45-minute webinar, he discusses:

  • The secrets to his success
  • The lessons he’s learned along the way
  • How you can apply his lessons to your business
  • And more!

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Webinar: The ROI of Personal Connections

Countless businesses overthink relationship-building. They collect massive data sets about their would-be customers, create complex audience segments, and then rely on automated tools to send the right messages to the right people at the optimal times for maximum engagement. Or, strapped for time and resources, they use automation tools to reach as many customers at once as possible, hoping the message resonates with at least a few.

As a small business owner, it makes sense to want to leverage technology to better your business and manage your time. But, even in this era of automation, technology cannot successfully replace human connection; it is meant to empower it.

Curious to see how building personal connections can boost your bottom line? Check out this recent webinar hosted by Ruby’s CEO Jill Nelson to gain expert insight on the role of customer experience in generating big returns for small businesses.

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Webinar: How to Grow Your Business with Ruby

Nothing sends a prospective customer into the arms of your competitor like failing to pick up when they (literally) come to call. How much revenue are you losing in missed calls?

Sure, it’s easy to see the value in providing an exceptional phone experience for your current and potential customers alike—but where do you find the time to answer every single call that comes through when you’re trying to run a business?

Enter Ruby Receptionists. More than an answering service, Ruby delights callers and helps you win business, one happy caller at a time.

We pick up when you can’t (plus a lot of other cool stuff).

Curious? Get the full scoop from our recorded webinar and discover:

  • How the phone call improves your bottom line
  • How to streamline your day with a team of receptionists
  • What’s included in Ruby’s service

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Webinar: Talk Chat with Ruby

In addition to our award-winning virtual receptionists, Ruby® recently acquired ProfessionalChats, a team of live chat specialists. Join us for our webinar hosted by President of Ruby’s Online Chat Division, Scott Hansen to learn a little about:

  • The history of ProfessionalChats
  • An overview of live chat
  • How you can take the service for a test drive
  • And more!

Live chat is a new way to create an exceptional customer experience…while generating up to 40% more leads. In our recorded webinar, you’ll see how live chat can boost your business!

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Webinar: How to Grow Your Practice with Ruby

Virtual Receptionist Service for Attorneys
Have you ever worried that your phone experience might be letting your clients down?

Or that you’re losing cases due to missed calls? Have you wondered if you could get more done without adding headcount?

That’s where Ruby comes in. We understand the importance of establishing trust and building relationships with your clients, and we are here to help you do just that, one happy caller and live chat at a time! You get the freedom to focus on casework, court dates, and client meetings while we win you more clients.

To get the full scoop, check out our most recent “How to Grow Your Practice” webinar recording and discover:

  • How the phone call improves your bottom line
  • How to streamline your day with a team of receptionists
  • What’s included in Ruby’s service

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Webinar: Six Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Small Business

Free Marketing Webinar

Everyone has the same number of hours in the day. And, as a small business owner, you’re stretched thinner than most.

Luckily you can make the most of your time with smart decisions and a strategic effort. Ruby’s Chief Marketing Officer, David De Rego, is here to help!

He’s identified six essential marketing strategies that are dedicated to helping your business grow.

These strategies build upon each other to help:

  • Legitimize your business
  • Establish you as a thought leader in your industry/market
  • Give you an actionable go-to-market strategy to grow your customer base and establish a foundation for long-term success
  • Provide exceptional customer service to retain customers for repeat business and/or give referrals

This webinar took place on April 11th but the knowledge lives on!

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Webinar: Get Your Business Fit

Ruby Receptionists Customer Service Webinar

This year is your year! Are you ready to flex your customer service muscle and optimize your business to grow?

Did you know that, according to BIA/Kelsey, 169 billion mobile calls are projected to be made annually to businesses by 2020? The combination of click-to-call, the on-demand sentiment of technology, and the power of personal connections has made the phone call more important than ever.

In this webinar, we’ll explore 3 steps to up your customer service game and turn customers into raving fans—inspiring customer-driven word-of-mouth buzz that’ll help you grow!

  • How to take advantage of the increase in smartphone calls to businesses
  • How to build an infrastructure to deliver consistent, exceptional customer experiences
  • How to identify your customer touchpoints and make each interaction delightful

This webinar took place on March 7th but the knowledge lives on!

Watch our recorded webinar below.

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