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Looking to strengthen your business model? The secret to beefing up your bottom line lies in the power of quality customer service. After all, according to Invoca, 74% of callers are likely to move on to a competitor after a bad experience.

As a small business owner, you recognize the importance of providing a memorable experience for your customers—but you may be surprised to learn the impact your reputation as a service provider can have on your growth.

In our free ebook you’ll discover how to:

  • Identify opportunities for development in your business infrastructure
  • Uncover tools to elevate customer touchpoints
  • Build trusting relationships with your callers and clients
  • Gain more word-of-mouth referrals, and more!

Download our free ebook and learn how to create lasting, loyal relationships with your customers from the inside-out.

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Free eBook: Grow Your Business with Ruby Receptionists

Ruby® Receptionists is a virtual receptionist service—but what is a virtual receptionist service?

Are virtual receptionists robots? Aliens? Real people? Well—no, no, and yes!

When does a virtual receptionist service answer calls?

How does it work? What do you get?

And how do different services compare?

Let’s start here:

A virtual receptionist acts as your receptionist service. We fulfill many of the same duties as an in-house hire—including handling incoming phone calls, taking messages, and forwarding callers—but at a fraction of the cost!

Whether the concept is entirely new to you, or you’ve used virtual receptionist services in the past, our new ebook is here to help. Download our free ebook to ensure you have everything you need to find the right service for you!

In our Grow Your Business with Ruby Receptionists ebook we explore all your burning questions, including:

  • How a virtual receptionist service works
  • The features available in a typical remote receptionist service, and with Ruby
  • How using a virtual receptionist service benefits your business

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Free eBook: Using Language to Turn Callers into Clients

Are you paying attention to your touchpoints?

If not, you should be.

74% of callers are likely to choose another business after they have a bad experience—indicating that customer service is as important as ever. It’s time to approach every communication with your customers as an opportunity to spark a connection, gain their trust, and earn their loyalty!

If that sounds easier said than done, don’t stress. We’ve put together a guide of customer service solutions you can put to work right away.

In our free Using Language to Turn Callers into Customers ebook you’ll learn:

  • Tips and tricks to improve caller trust and turn callers into clients
  • The power of emotional language
  • Action items you can put into place today

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Free Checklist: Evaluating a Virtual Receptionist

Choosing a Virtual Receptionist Service

What exactly is a virtual receptionist? The answer is actually pretty simple: a virtual receptionist is just like your in-house receptionist, only remote—or virtual. They perform many of the same phone-related tasks that your typical in-house receptionist would perform, including answering your phone, taking messages, transferring phone calls, and often making outbound calls. The only thing a virtual receptionist can’t do is answer the door!

You may be asking yourself…

  • Is a virtual reception service right for you?
  • Which one?
  • What questions should you be asking when evaluating a virtual receptionist service?

We’re here to help! Our Evaluating a Virtual Receptionist Checklist gives you the tools to choose the service that works best for your company’s unique needs.

With these ten important questions, find a virtual receptionist service to help your business grow, create connections, and rise above the competition!

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Free eBook: The Business Call is Back

Bizcall ebook

In a world of texting, tweeting, email, and even snapchat, there’s one form of communication that’s proven to be here to stay—the phone call.

In fact, with all the ways we have to connect with one another in the internet age, it’s the phone call that remains the preferred method for customers to interact with businesses. Companies big, small, and every size in between are seeing an explosion of inbound calls.


Because of the click-to-call revolution! Click-to-call is the ability to call a business straight from Google search on a smartphone, with the tap of a thumb. The days of transcribing numbers from computer to phone are over, and people are making more calls than ever. In fact, the number of calls to businesses from smartphones is predicted to reach 162 billion in 2019!

Are you interested in taking advantage of the click-to-call boom? Ruby is here to help! In our free ebook, we describe how you can capitalize on the inbound call renaissance and turn your phone into a productive marketing channel.

Insights include:

  • How to drive traffic to your phone and prepare for prospective customers
  • Setting your team up for click-to-call success for maximum conversions
  • Telephone greeting best practices
  • A toolkit for creating consistent phone experiences
  • How to close the deal and measure success

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