Phone Tip: Bringing Gladly Back

As a Star Service and Receptionist Cultivator at Ruby (or Cultivator for short), I have the pleasure of managing a team of talented virtual receptionists. My fellow Cultivators and I regularly “plug in” with our team members, sitting beside them at their desks and listening as they field calls. These plug-ins are wonderful learning opportunities for receptionists and Cultivators alike, and during a recent plug-in, a clever receptionist reminded me of the power of a well-chosen word. When she offered a call to a client, the client indicated he was particularly busy and asked her to take a message. Her reply was perfection in two syllables: “Gladly!”

Later, as I reviewed my notes, I thought about my teammate’s one-word reply. Not only did she show her eagerness to help, but she did so in a flash, allowing our busy client to get back the task at hand. With six little letters, she conveyed so much: “I’ll make sure your caller is taken care of so you can get back to work. I’m here for you, and I am happy about it!” Wow! The word gladly packs a beautiful punch.

Since then, I’ve taken a cue from a certain Mr. Justin Timberlake, and set out on a mission: I’m bringing gladly back! This mission aligns perfectly with Ruby Receptionists’ overall mission to preserve and perpetuate the human connection in this increasingly technology-driven, virtual world. Gladly is a one-word connection-making powerhouse!

Now, there are lots of great phrases that convey an eagerness to help: I’ll be happy to! It would be my pleasure! Certainly! Absolutely! and I’d be delighted to! are just a few. But gladly struck a chord with me because I don’t hear it as often as I do those other wonderful replies. To me, bringing gladly back is all about innovating. It’s about seeking better, more efficient ways to do the work you love to do, even if you’re already hitting it out of the park. Trading a reply like “I’ll be happy to take a message for you!” in for “Gladly!” when a client is in a hurry may only shave a few seconds off of a phone call, but we understand that our clients’ time is precious. Who knew it could be so easy to say I’m bright, hardworking, eager, endlessly upbeat, and here to make your day easier. Can you help me? Gladly!

What’s your gladly? Is there a little innovation that could pack a big punch for your business? I encourage you to keep your eyes, ears, and mind open, and look for ways to improve, whether big or small. You’ll be glad you did!