You may remember Ruby® holding a “Compliment Campaign” a while back. Our team of top-notch virtual receptionists hand-made creative posters illustrating a compliment they received, and we hung all 121 unique pieces around the office. Thanks to Janel Hodge, one of our talented Staff Managers, these artful compliments have since been compiled into two volumes that live on our credenza.

We shared compliments before the campaign, but the added boost of enthusiasm reminded us of how powerful sharing each other’s achievements, no matter how small, can be. We continue to spread that positive energy throughout the office by encouraging our delightful virtual receptionists to email their compliments to the entire team!

Reading this sprinkling of cheerful emails has become one of my favorite parts of my day. Seeing the way we’re able to help our clients, or just perk up a caller’s day, reinforces why we do what we do, and it makes me incredibly proud of my coworkers — Creating Community at its finest.

Though we usually keep these compliments among us Rubys, here’s an example of a compliment that virtual receptionist Rachel S. shared with us recently:

“I spoke with a potential new client for a law firm. It was her first time calling this practice, and after I read her phone numbers back to her, she said, ‘Wow! You’re a great secretary! You’re the first one that I’ve talked to that was so nice.’”

Sometimes it’s the small things that make someone’s day, and being able to share that happiness with your coworkers can be a priceless team building experience.

Interested in starting a compliment campaign in your office? If you’re concerned that the emails will interfere with day-to-day operations, try starting a discussion board in Microsoft Sharepoint or even set up a bulletin board and a pile of scrap paper for people to post their compliments. We guarantee it’ll brighten your day!

What compliments have you received lately? We’d love to celebrate with you!