How Ruby Receptionists Works


“Tell the person who answers the phone that she is fantastic. I want our people to be like her.”

“Wow! Thanks so much, Ruby! You’re awesome!”

These are just a few of the compliments that callers have said about Ruby. In fact, these are just a couple from the last week. Callers are so amazed to hear a live, friendly, helpful person answer the phone that they often don’t realize we’re not in the office!

How do several different women in Portland, Oregon, sound like one person in an office hundreds of miles away? Several key factors go into making Ruby receptionists sound like “Ruby”:

Advanced technology. We spent over a year gathering feedback to create the Ruby Operating System, or ROS for short. Programmers spent another year perfecting our one-of-a-kind software, adding new features and making sure all the information a receptionist might need is at her fingertips.

Once a call comes in, a window will appear on the receptionist’s screen with the custom greeting she’ll read, some general info about the business, and a list of employees. Navigating through the account, she’s able to see each employee’s preferences, availability, and more! The clean, intuitive interface makes it easy for our virtual receptionists to glide through your account and swiftly assist your callers.

Ultra professional phrasing. We use expressive phrases here at Ruby. “Yeah” and “Mhmm” won’t cut it. Instead, “Absolutely,” “I’d be happy to,” and “Gladly!” are ubiquitous. This shared vocabulary creates a unifying voice for “Ruby,” the upbeat, professional receptionist. Callers have even brought in lunch for her, thinking she was in our client’s office!

Super friendly virtual receptionists. Technology and vocab aside, people are calling your business because they have a question or have a pain that your product or service can ameliorate — they need help! When the person on the other end of the line is cheerful, friendly, and sounds like they genuinely want to help, your callers will trust they’re in good hands.

We’ve heard countless times from clients that their caller retained their services simply because the receptionist was so warm and kind. And that’s what it’s all about — when your clients are happy, your business is happy!