Virtual receptionist Ellie B.
Ellie B.

We talk a lot about Fostering Happiness at Ruby® (it is one of our Core Values after all!), and we give our virtual receptionist team strategies to make our clients’ and callers’ days brighter. However, each Ruby is unique and each has their favorite way to make connections. In today’s feature, I asked virtual receptionist Ellie B. how she spreads cheer over the phone:

What’s your favorite way to make someone’s day?

My favorite way to make someone’s day is very simple: I like to wish them a good day at the end of our call. Our clients are very busy people — that’s why we’re here! By wishing them a good day, I usually get a thank you and they wish me a good day as well, and that puts a smile on my face, too. I feel like it ensures our clients that we do care about their day, and it reminds them that we are here to help make it a good one, too!

One small gesture can be a real mood booster! Sincerity shines — even through miles of telephone wire — and wishing someone well or genuinely asking how they are may make their day and yours, too!