Ask a Virtual Receptionist! Topic: “Is she in today?”

In this week’s “Ask a Virtual Receptionist!” I ask virtual receptionist Sara-Lee B. what she would tell callers who ask, “Is she in today?” Since Ruby® Receptionists provides receptionist services for clients remotely, unless they have let us know, we may not be certain whether someone is physically in the office or not.

Virtual Receptionist Sara-Lee B.
Virtual Receptionist Sara-Lee B.

However, most of the time callers are simply inquiring whether the person is available to speak with them or not — which we are happy to find out!

So, Sara-Lee, how would you handle the question, “Is she in today?”

Sara-Lee: I shake it up all the time, but sometimes I say, “I would be happy to try her line and see if she’s available. May I say who is calling?”

By offering assistance instead of a dead end like “I don’t know,” she’s able to keep the call moving and help the caller without revealing that she’s not in the same office!

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