Good mood tips
Amanda D.

For this Friday’s “Ask a Virtual Receptionist!” feature, we thought we’d shake things up a bit. For the most part, we’ve been answering questions about how our virtual receptionist team handles tricky questions politely and professionally or about how they’re able to sound like they’re sitting in your office, miles away.

Another thing our virtual receptionist service is known for is our ability to sound incredibly cheerful over the phone. In fact, virtual receptionist Marie R. recently wrote a guest post on her good mood tips for long days, so I thought I’d ask another receptionist her thoughts on the subject.

Today, I picked virtual receptionist Amanda D.’s brain and asked her, “What’s your best advice for sounding cheerful on the phone?”

Amanda D.: “I like to smile as I’m talking; it instantly puts you in a good mood, and the client can hear the happiness in your voice. Also, asking someone a genuine, ‘How are you doing today?’ does wonders for creating a special bond. It opens up the door to more conversation and the ability to learn more about the client or caller!”

What’s your favorite way to boost your mood throughout the day? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Tweet us @callruby.